The Autobiography of a Clock

I am relentless in my pursuit and I am timeless. I do not stop, not as long as the last dredge in my battery seeps in, I keep moving forwards in my clock-wise motion. Neither success and failure halt me nor do happiness and sorrow define me. I am this timeless ability to keep up my movements till the last dredge in the battery remains or my machinery keeps on functioning. By now, you must have understood, I am the humble, modest ‘clock’.

I am found equally in the homes of the rich and not so rich. The poor and the poor too do not fail to keep a track of me. Losing track of me and ignoring me is something people will have to do at their own risk for the cost of shunning my presence can be very steep and exorbitant. I have the ability to make people go bankrupt but then again, my constant movement forwards reminds them that this abject failure, dejection and sorrow is also not permanent. No matter how dark and dismal the nights be, there shall again be sunrise and a new day.

I may seem unfazed and all-powerful but believe you me, this too is a farce. I am helpless when I watch the injustice and persecution around me and I have to remain a mute onlooker though I have my own way of evening out things in the long run. Even the post-powerful persecutor in the history of times has been brought to his knees, it is only a matter of time. Till then one can only grit one’s teeth and bear the pain.

I am the precursor to all things bright and beautiful. I bring hope and positivity and silver linings where there is none. My relentless movement assures people that even the bad times shall soon be a thing of the past.

I am the enemy to lovers for whom the time together passes in jiffy and the time apart seems to linger for centuries. I bring them together only to separate them and then comes the period of waiting, the oh! So painful, torturous period when they are forced to stay apart from each other. I, however restore their smile and happiness many times multiplied when I reunite them.

I am a mother’s eternal dilemma who wishes her children to grow up healthy and fast but once they do grow up and fly away from the nest the same time weighs heavily on her mind and heart and she wonders why I had to move so fast.

I am every dictator’s nemesis, every criminal’s D-Day encounter. No matter how grave the persecution, how heinous the crime, they can be assured that I shall come seeking for my ounce of flesh and meting out justice even though it might take years.

Humans can only lose essence of me in their pursuit of love and creativity. In the throes of passion or in caught in the whirlwind of creation, I am rendered meaningless, else my tic-tic sound continues unabated.


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