The Best Journey of My Life

I am a travel freak. People keep mobile to communicate. Well, my life is the mobile itself. It communicates itself to me in the form of travel to various destinations.

Out of the numerous destination, I have had travelled, Puri is my most favorable and nearest visiting spot. I have had been to this place uncountable times and still the urge to revisit here is non-stoppable. Puri serves for me the urge of spirituality (pilgrimage) and the fascination of sea appreciation. 

Everytime, I become a new poet here. Most of my poems that are published till date are written on the banks of the seashore of Puri either in early morning or in dusk with nature playing its trick of emotion in my Bengali sentimental feelings. Ask me always and I will tell you that this place is the ideal place for visit.  

Though Puri is climatically a hot place but because of the sea you will enjoy the cool breeze. It is an amazing experience to bathe in Puri sea shore waves. Puri falls in the eastern part of the peninsular India along the banks of the sea named Bay of Bengal. Here the sea is turbulent in comparison to the western part of India namely  Kovalumpur sea beach in Kerala, a state on India's tropical Malabar Coast on the banks of Arabian sea where the sea is silent in comparison to the east coast of India.

Hours would spend in the daytime splashing water on yourself with unending desire to play with the salty water. The waves are very high and alluring. Instantly you become acquainted with them and love to stay for longer periods. It is really a pleasure to visit Puri sea beach in the morning or evening period. You can view the sunrise and sunset in the horizon from this sea coast.  If you are a poet, an artist or an actor with emotion tucked in tons in your feelings, you got to find beautiful words, colour or script to depict or utter to your satisfaction.  This is how nature’s beauty plays with human emotions.

Various small stalls and rides lure the children. Elders might love camel ride along the sea beach. Numerous budget hotels facing the sea are located here for a comfortable stay at this place.

Beautiful sand art is the most desiring attraction of this sea beach. You must know that Sudarshan Pattnaik , a world famous Indian sand artist from Odisha  who is the  winner of  Padma Shri by Government of India  and many other awards and  particularly known for his masterpieces in sand sculptures depicted in Puri sea beach.  I realized his touch f talents the day I saw a man creating Lord Shiva in this Puri sea beach. The sea beach festival is arranged on the sea shore every year in the month of November when this beach  and the place becomes colourful, crowded  with numerous rides  and activities.

The home of Lord Jagannath (believed to be the incarnation of  Lord Vishnu ) - Puri – is a pilgrimage city in Odisha state of India . Jagannath Temple is one of the four Dhaams (i.e. pilgrimage places ) . Thousand of devotees witness the Rath Yatra( i.e Chariot festival ) conducted at Jagannath  temple and the Puri sea beach.

Non-Hindus are not allowed to enter the Jagannath temple. There is a strict warning hanging at the entrance of the temple prohibiting the entry of Non-Hindus!  I am really too confused to understand the logic as to why Non-Hindus are restricted to entry in some temples! Perhaps the rule creators can better explain it!!!

However, I advanced ahead and explored the beauty of Jagannath temple existing for numerous years to acquire the blessing of Lord Jagannath, Lord Balbhadra and Goddess Subhadra.

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