The Cause and Effect of telling Lies

A lie of any type ----white lie  which is not considered a bad or  a severe lie which affects the person lied upon are both a lie  and affects the person lied  little or very severely.

Lying among the adolescence and the youth had become epidemic and a thrill from the society. Every minute someone lies. Lies to get his/her point accepted and may be to acquire fame. Thus, being in the atmosphere of lies younger generation started to consider this point as a common norms of daily life. 

At home parents monitors and teaches their children about this malice and try to built –in a child the habit of not to lie. But the easiest way to surpass the punishment or rage of the parents to a child is to lie. The consequence always never happens positive. After all a lie remains a lie and harms or creates an adverse effect on the subject or event.

At school, the teachers try to build up the moral of the students not to lie in a situation of distress. But in twenty-first century the process of presenting lies have become innovative among the students. They lie out of fear, wanting to become a hero among the others school friends or avoid a complain to their parents. But in the process jeopardize the way of making them an honest, fair student and a meaningful human being in the society helpful to the nation.

In the office, a person to lie his / her boss to avoid professional punishment  or firing from the service or just to acquire a fame of successful  “ idiot genius “ among his/her colleague. This may many a times gain them temporary relief or fame. But generally harms their future evaluation as an able worker/officer/manager or harm the organization or a colleague/team member.

A friend who pampers others with wrong praises actually lies about you and does more wrong to you than any better. A friend who is actually straight forward and delivers the truth about you rather than  tries to falsely please you; is your actual  helpful friend and helps you develop a better means to life. It is very wrong attitude to influence others for the selfish means. To influence others is to instigate others and is very harmful than being an enemy to one. Therefore, be lovable to a friend but honest in your comments, advises or judgement to your friend rather than influence him/her to be liked by him/her wrongfully.

In the social judgement, when you lie a police; you fall into more trouble on an investigation which is bound to happen in the policing department. Then your quantum of punishment becomes very cumbersome and harsh.  It gives opportunity to more lying and results in catastrophe. Even if the matter may have been solved with ease or little punitive measures, it turns very complicated and very punitive. In this context the famous saying of the Holy Bible should not be forgotten “God sees everything, and reveals the truth”

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