The Causes of Divorces

Marriage is the union of two beautifully loved soul socially and legally recognized with the intention to walk together in the bad and good days of life in this beautiful University of Life.

But tearing apart comes the days when the sacred unions of the two Human beings get risked for a break-up due to a few reasons.

So, what could be the reasons for the tearing apart of relationship between the two loving souls or legally termed as Divorce?

The various reasons are enumerated below to understand it better: 

1. Improper Communications:

Void of proper talk between two souls may give birth to many complications. First of all it brings a wide gap in Relationship. Thereby losing the friendly and loving emotions between the two loving souls. It creates a doubtful attitude towards each other. Thereby losing the trust and love emotion between the two.

2. Early Marriage:

Marrying without knowing each other properly  and immaculately may result into a marital break. The interest and expectation of each other falls short and hence the loss of interest between each other’s relationship.

3. Infidelity and cheating each other: 

This a vital reason of marriage break-up. The researchers intimate that about 41% marriages are broken for this reason. It should be mentioned in this regard that both the male and female are equally responsible for this reason and not only men should be blamed for the same.

4. Boredom in the bedroom: 

Another reason why Marriages fail is the loss of interest in sexual fancy. Initially the marriages have high sexual energy but gradually it fades out and dwindles to nothing. Couple should take care to this very important factor to avoid divorces and keep the sexual life innovative and energy full to keep a long surviving happy married life.

5. Monetary  Deficiency:

This appears  to be another leading reason for divorces. If the level of the standard of living falls due to monetary crunch, the arguments and disliking of life between the two becomes of quarrel. Resulting in separation of life in marriage.

6. Intoxication of Life: 

This definitely becomes the reasons of many divorces. The regular alcoholic men lose the faith and trust of the wife. For some time they might bear the pinch. But in the long run no one gets along with the same way in this modern, educated society bearing the abuse of alcohol and drug o f their husband and takes the decision of divorcing him.

It is the responsibility of both the partners in a beautiful bond of marriage to maintain the sanctity of marriage, the golden union of the two lovely souls.

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