The Dog

The dog is a domestic animal. It helps the people the most to be domesticated it very early. Dog is very faithful in nature. It is always in favour of its master. Even street dogs are very careful towards the persons who love them too much. The sound of love is very touchable yet men of flesh and blood have no capability to understand this blessing or power. But meek and innocent animal can easily catch the sound of love or affection.

The dogs are of different kinds. Such as there are greyhound, terrier, bulldog, allcesians, germen shepherd etc. The small baby of dog is called puppy. The female gender of dog is called beach. A dog has four legs, a tail, a hairy body, two ears, two eyes, one nose and sharp teeth. The colours of dog are of many. Black, white, brown and greyish are some of them. By nature dogs are carnivorous animals. Their long teeth suggests that they are non-veg eating animals. They love to eat flesh and meat. Besides non-veg they also eat rice, bread, cooked vegetables etc.

The nature of dogs is very diplomatic in nature. Sometime they are aggressive. Sometime they are very cool in nature. They are harmless if undisturbed. They bark or shout. Dogs love little children. Sometime they are barking. But we have a proverb-barking dogs are seldom bites. Dogs sometime help the person   from any danger .Sometime ago I read a news in newspaper that some dogs save a new-born babe by making a circle of them around that child. Not only that they insisted others and got aware by their acts that there was something. The dogs might go to the doctor for the treatment of that baby.

Dog is a part of our society, our culture. So it has an impact in the lives of common people or public. In urban culture there is a Fashion to keep a dog in every house. After that they put a signboard -beware of dog\be were of dog. Dog gives us many benefits. Sometime we say a dog more powerful than a human being. It is because a dog is famous for its reliability or trust.

A dog in a house works as an alert watchman. Even the street dogs alert the colony or the persons of the colony from any kind of nuisance. The smelling sight is very affective to them. That’s why criminal branch used dogs to catch the criminals or to investigate any case. Dogs are used in circus to play the games.

 The domestic dogs are called pet dogs. They become a part of our family. Dogs are the care taker of every house. Dogs help men   in every ways. The story of its faithfulness is well known around the world. Dog’s speed of running is too first. Dogs are always accustomed to shout at strangers. Modern people keep it as a sign of their boasting. Dog is also famous for its intelligence. Dogs are very different from other domestic and wild animals. Though there are many wild dogs in many countries. They are not protected animals. Sometime we see very pathetic scenes in streets .Street dogs are killed by many vehicles mercilessly but there is neither law nor humanity to protect them. PETA is a universal organization who took care about ethical treatment towards innocent   animals. It’s a good sign of humanity. But it is not enough .Man needs more efforts to stop the unethical behaviour towards them. After all animals are also parts of this planet. They also have right to live in this universe peacefully.

At last it is wanted to say that men should kind and lovable to them. Moreover public concern is needed too much for this regard. People should stop to throw stones at them. Local people should take care of them at the time of need. Besides that veterinary department should be more active than earlier time .As if every animals get the opportunity of treatment.

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