The Elephant

The elephant is a big and large animal. It is also an herbivorous animal like cow, goat etc. It has a long trunk, two little eyes, a large body, four legs and a tail. An elephant has no nose. Its trunk does all the works of nose. By it an elephant can take something and throw something. An elephant drinks water also by its trunk. A male elephant has two big teeth beside the two sides of the trunk. The bones and teeth of the elephant are very precious. So that poachers always in search of elephants.

An elephant is the largest animal of land. It is the only living species of probecidia division. They use their trunk as hand that is why they are called ‘hati’. They have three species. Among them two are –African and one is Asian. A mature elephant’s incisor by becoming takes the shape of an ivory.

The elephant lives in the forest as well as in the houses o man as a domestic animal. We can see an elephant in circus also. There they can show many types of games. Generally elephants are peaceful but often they become ferocious and dangerous. Elephants naturally love children. But mad elephants are very terrific to everyone. The cinemas of elephants are very lovely to all. Hathi mera sathi  is one of them.

An elephant driver or mahout has the knowledge how to tackle an elephant. They can teach them so many things. A mahout can take care of an elephant very well. He knows how to ride in it. Even he has the knowledge of controlling an   anxious elephant. That means the person knows how to cool an elephant. He is a trainer of elephants. That means he is the teacher of elephants. In this way a mahout has the capacity to manage any state related to elephant.

An elephant is famous for its long trunk, large ears and an enormous body. It has the capacity to be a pet of human beings. So mahout can handle them successfully. If a zoo has an elephant then it obviously enhances the beauty of the zoo. Children will be attracted more and more. In such way a zookeeper has the best chance to earn money and popularity through this simple strategy. Elephants love to live in a gang. They are not like tiger or lion. When they get separated that is why they sound loudly to join again. An elephant is also very cautious about their children also. If they lose their offspring they become ferocious. That time those elephants become more ferocious and terrific. Otherwise they are peaceful, tame, gentle and lovable animal.

An elephant is a protected animal. There is law against the persons   who capture or kill the elephants unethically.

An elephant is a powerful animal. Kings fought many battles with the help of elephants. Besides that it is also an item of transportation. It can ready to transport enough heavy loads .In ancient time most of the people; especially the rich people used two animals for their transportation .Among them the first is horse and the second is elephant.

An elephant is a good belonging to the mankind. It is helpful in many ways. It is a good friend of human beings. Virtue is always rewarded. As it has so many functions so that it is precious to us. Our proverb says that a dead elephant costs more than one lakh. So never underestimate animal power. They are priceless to us. Such type of animal is really  very  precious to us.

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