The Fairness of College Admissions

School or college is the   place from where we get education. So it is like a temple to the students. As we enter in temple without any bars   like in this institution also the process to entry there is also made as transparent   and clear. The admission procedure should be on the basis of merit and never in the terms of any unfair means. Only with the goodness or clarity an institution holds   its position forever. A college is always liable to the responsibilities of its making the prestige. They have no right to harass the students in the name of admission. They should make a fair and bright way to choose the students.

Students are the future of our society. When these students go to the college they have a lot of dreams in their heart and eye. If they will find such type of corruptions then their notion towards life will shatter like a glass. Being teenager they are full of energy and enthusiasm. If they see purity then they will also regulate it in a pure way.

Fairness or the truth is the best and safest way in our life. If the students face this type of insecurity then in the beginning of their life they will collapse like a building made with bad materials. Every year million students come to join the colleges with a dream to create a future of their own.

So they are ready to grab the opportunity in any way. The problem is that among those students there are some students who are meritorious and needy. If the government and non-government colleges will not take admission in a fresh way then their dream to take higher education will remain a day dream. The honesty of the colleges will save the future of many students. The students will get the opportunity to get higher education. This will be judged as no less than a divine work. The college’s only one attempt will be very helpful to fulfil their dream in reality. Most of the students are belonging from lower middle class and simple class. They have not so much money to spoil in such way. In the other hand if the person has the quality then why he or she will take such unfair means. The conscious people will not judge it as an opportunity. Rather it will be an insult to their self-esteem.

Education is our birth right. So the way of higher education should be always clear and transparent. Remember education could not be bought but it should be achieved.

It is our request to the government that he should make such a law as if the technical and non-technical colleges are bound to take admission of the students without n any donation and with a prior admission procedure. Transparency is godliness. Clarity is divine. When the meritorious students would do good results in exam then the glory which they will earn for the college will be the glory forever. In this way the college will gain an ethical profit from his students.

A college has no less degree than a temple. So the people of that place must be very holy and good. If a college has no corruption or biasness then the students will learn that automatically.

A college is a place from where he or she starts his or her journey towards the world. The world will be different in kinds. That means it varies. May be the world will be working field or family life. But one thing is that he or she gets enough strength from their good education. The days of the colleges must be very inspiring for the students. From here they start to spring their wings.

If they see fairness they will also learn the education of fairness automatically. In this way they will be a responsible citizen in their life. Their effort will heat the center in such a way they will  become the pedestrian of an international highway.

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