The Lie That Destroyed One Life

Sitting at the banks of the Ganges at Belur Math with absolute sorrow and guilt hurting him painfully, Anurag was remembering his best friend Amol.  The friend he could have saved and the parents he could have salvaged from total devastation.  He was their only child. The boy who was their only possession and hope for rest of the life. Only one lie destroyed three members of the family and a complete happy family.

Amol was from a middle class simple god fearing family from the suburb of Kolkata. His father a qualified engineer worked in a private firm in Kolkata used to travel daily for several kilometers to earn a respectable salary to make his living and a good study for a better future of his only child in life. Amol was their only hope in life. His mother a homemaker took the greatest care of her son so that he could grow up equally like all other friends in his renowned English medium school. They sacrificed everything possible in their own life to provide him the most of the luxuries so that he feels no less than other friends. But they never anticipated wrong in Amol to point out except when he fell prey to this life taking play of “Blue Whale” game from his extra smart urban friends.

Amol’s parents were simple and not so tech savvy. Though they noticed a little change in his normal behavior but their blind love for Amol didn’t allowed them to doubt him at all.   His friend Anurag used to frequently visit him. They were really good friends and Amol’s parents used to love him, too.

Although Amol’s mother noticed him to be engaged most of the time in his mobile  alone secluded in his room even sometimes skipping his lunch or dinner playing something but never knew or heard about this deadly game at all. Amol went on playing step by step of this life taking game that he fell addicted and trapped in the threats.

Anurag who also got into the same trap but eventually luckily skipped and came out of this menace by some good counseling by his parents knew about the imminent danger of his best friend failed to convey this to his parents out of the love of his dearest friend and fear.

One day his mother separately called Anurag in her room and inquired about his change in the behavior. What does he do so much in the mobile internet she asked? And Anurag controlling his emotion answered that actually he is researching a lot these days on the school project. He explained her that the research topic is a little difficult and he needs to be involved deeply into it for some time. A blind lie, of course!!!    And this lie never allowed Amol to fall in the safe suggestion, counseling or fear evading situation in his tender age.

Result he went into a deadly stage of the game where psychologically he had give up his life committing suicide  in his room with the fear of any harm to be caused to his parents as the game at that stage threatened !

His life could have been saved; the happiness of the family could have been retained but destroyed only for a Lie!!!

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