The Peacock

The peacock is a national bird of India. It carries an angelic beauty. Male peacocks are more beautiful than female peacocks. It is the symbol of greedless attitude. It signifies desire less motif. It is literally very significant in the lives of man. Its image is very relevant towards us. Its presence makes the surrounding divine. Its color is very unique. Its style is also unique. It has a divine charm and beauty. In mythology peacock is the vehicle of Hindu god Kartik. Peacock is associated with the name of lord Krishna. He carried a feather in his crown always. This feather is very unique and remarkable. Peacock can dance in rainy season playfully. When it spreads its feather it is very angelic beauty. The man who loves beauty is always a devotee of peacock’s beauty.

Peacock is beautiful both in inner sense and outer sense. The female of peacock is called a peahen. As I say earlier that peacock is the symbol of greedless attitude; at that same time it is also the symbol of desire less motif. Peacocks are free from sexual relationship. It is truth that peacocks hold their generation without any sexual encounter. Peacock puts their genetics and peahen takes it from the ground. In such way they gives birth their offspring. There is no bodily attachment within them.

Peacock loves nature and environment the most. It loves rain and also the rainy season. It is herbivorous. A peacock has four legs, a beak, a beautiful body and a colourful feather. Its colour is the combination of metabolic blue and green colour. Peacock’s feather is used in many purposes of human-beings. It is a good sign for man’s bright life. Our astrology says that peacock’s feather is lucky for our life.

Peacock is a very gracious bird. It is lovely to everyone. Peacock has an in capacity. It could not fly. It walks like other animals. Its feather is for showing beauty and not for flying. Countries like India, Srilanka, Indonesia, Congo (Africa) have peacocks. These species are Indian peacocks, Green peacocks and the Congo peacocks. Indian and Green peacocks have an elaborate crest on their head and a long plumage. Congo peacocks are less attractive. It has a crest and short tail. Congo peacocks are dull   before Indian and Green peacocks. Indian peacocks are blue in colour whereas the Green peacocks are green coloured.

The word ‘peacock’ is related with many things of Indian country. Such As 'Mayurmahal’ Mayursimhasan', 'Mayurvanj’ are the names of things and place related to the theme of peacock. We can decorate our houses with very items made by peacock’s feather. Kings and leaders showed their generosity and love for this little beautiful creatures. But another incapability of peacock is that is could not sing like a cuckoo bird sings.

Peacock’s presence is very extra ordinary. It is told that they are very boastful about their beauty. Other animals and birds have a jealousy about their beauty. Peacock is joyful as well as a positive nature bird. Its presence teaches us to remain happy in every position of our life.

Peacock is a protected bird. However flycatchers are always ready to capture peacocks for their beautiful as well as costly feathers. But human awareness is needed towards this concern. A bird is more beautiful and pleasant in its very land. That very place is the forest. So let’s come to go ahead for a benevolent work to save the birds.

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