The Pen is Mightier than the Sword

This proverb significantly point out to the superior prowess of a pen which is much more potent than the sharpest of swords. Figuratively this means that the power of the writer word has the ability to sway opinions and leave indelible impressions much more than brute strength.

Bluwer-Lytton coined this prover to point out that writing is a much more powerful tool than the violence unleashed by war and armed attacks in his play Richelieu, penned in 1839. A war leaves behind only bloodshed and survivors but words leave behind a wiser, more introspective and profound generation. The peaceful unleashing of change affected by pen is much more everlasting than the act of violence unleashed by a sword.

This is one reason why today media has become the fourth pillar of democracy, their words and their visuals can topple or create a new government. They have the power to sway public opinions much more than violence across the world can do. Karl Marx’s treatise eon Communism inspired a thought process which took the world by storm and shook the very foundation of capitalism. Martin Luther King, Mahatma Gandhi and nelson Mandela are the other stalwarts who brought about peaceful revolution of gigantic magnitude by virtue of their words, both spoken and written.

History has recorded examples of strategists who won by their tact and diplomacy where brute show of power would have been inadequate.  Ben Franklin, Alexander Hamilton and Thomas Jefferson persuaded reluctant allies like France to support U.S in the World War II.Dr. B.R Ambedkar and his long worded, tight Constitution provided India a unique platform to launch itself after wrenching a hardwon Independence from the British

The might of pen disseminates ideas and ideas can change the world and motivate people and rally mobs and launch team towards a desired goal. The scope of sword is limited but the scope of words is far wider and braider and larger. It can cause social upheaval and lead to the end of an institution and overthrowing of governments and can re-create and transform social structures.

Most of the evil mal-practices across the globe could be thwarted using the power of written words, rather than the actual killing of people. Mightiest of kings, rules and valiant soldiers have given the scholars their due respect and dignity and considered them to be their Guru/ Mentor since they acknowledged that pen is mightier than sword.

Right from the days of Mahabharata, the truth is known. Pandavas though far outnumbered by the Kauravas in the might of the sword and the size of their infantry won the war because they had Lord Krishna and his gospel truth, the words of ‘Bhagvad Gita’ to prompt them, ignite them and propel them forwards.

The strength and the fortitude shown by a young girl Malala Yousafzai who stood strong against the an unleashing of bullets and promoted the might of pen is a shining beacon of inspiration for all people who might yet be sceptical about the prowess of the pen.

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