The Place I Want to Return

I had never been to this magical place before. But when I first visited there, I repented a lot as to why in my 39 years of extensive travel I missed this visit of heaven at all. I immensely thanked my friend to take me forcefully to this place. Generally, I am not a religious person. But certainly a great Spiritual Human Being.  This place is the beauty of God’s meticulously created Universe. Nature beckoning with its gigantic beauty exploration and Human sense of spiritualism forcing to reinvent the intensity of Humanism.  Impartation of Yoga keeping the mind and heart  agile. Bringing Human life closer to Divinity.

Yes, I am speaking about the Heaven of India: Rishikesh!

My first visit to this place at a later stage of my life span made it a remarkable place to return again and again. Here I could hear the beautiful ragas, and the tune of the life’s song. The melodies that are absolutely new and are immensely meaningful to understanding the joy, melancholy, pain and turbulence of life. Life’s philosophy gets clearly depicted with its raw truth overt. Is it a Human destination or the sacred place of dwelling of the God:  I wondered!

Sitting at the banks of the holy Ganges with its crystal clear water flowing uninterruptedly towards the endless describes the path of human life philosophically. There is no end to the journey of life like the boisterous, carefree river. It is flowing joyfully searching for its destination. Flowing in the unknown it has no pain or melancholy. But jubiliance with positive motivation.  Life is similarly - a destination of unknown but with a hope. Because Hindus believe that soul is eternal and body only discards in death to wear a new dress. Therefore, the journey of life is also eternal with new body after body. There is such serenity at the banks of this holy place that the river appears a pious deity and I never felt reluctant to call it – Ganga Maiya as commonly said. My palms automatically got folded and I desired to bow to respect its presence in front of me which gave me a solace of unique nature. Should I call it hallucination, spiritualism or hypnotism? I DON’T REALLY KNOW!!!

One day, while I was walking in the early morning in the mountains of Rishikesh , the climate was foggy  and I found myself lost into the wilderness of unknown. Really is our life overt to us to understand it fully? Or we camouflage ourselves to make ourself the way we want to present in front of the society?  It is a million dollar question to be understood before we speak of ourself.  Yes, Life is not like the clear crystal water of the Ganges River I viewed at Rishikesh. Life in reality is very complicated webbed in the quest for materialism. Untill we keep it simple ans honestly true.

Rishikesh is certainly the heavenly place I would love to visit numerously without losing the apetite.

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