The same Word used as Different Parts of Speech

The same word used as different parts of speech (Above, down, like, right, round, while, wrong....)

There are certain words in the English lexicons which are used as more than one Part of Speech. It is their use or function which determines which Part of Speech a particular word shall belong to.

Above (Adverb, A Preposition, an Adjective or a Noun)


·         The heavens are above us . (Adverb)

·         The morality of the case is above the legality of the matter. (Preposition)

·         Elaborate the context given above. (Adjective)

·         All our blessing are showered from above. (Noun)


Down (Adverb, Preposition, Adjective, Verb)


·         The little boy fell down. (Adverb)

·         He ran down the slope. (Preposition)

·         The down train departed right on time. (Adjective)

·         The government downed the protestors. (Verb)


Like (Verb, Preposition, Noun, Adjective)


·         I like eggs. (Verb)

·         He climbs like a monkey (Preposition)

·         You will never get a like from him. (Noun)

·         They are both very like .(Adjective)


Right (Verb, Adjective, Noun, Adverb)


·         You must right your faults immediately. (Verb)

·         He is the right man for your daughter. (Adjective)

·         It is a matter of my personal right .(Noun)

·         The justice meted out to her served her right. (Adverb)


Round(Adjective, Preposition, Adverb, Noun, Verb)


·         The round sphere was perfect for the shape of Earth (Adjective)

·         The kids ran round the house. (Preposition)

·         Will you come round to my place in the evening? (Adverb)

·         They rounded off the figure to a neat twenty bucks. (Verb)


While (Noun, Verb, Conjunction)


·         Rest for a while before you resume your journey. (Noun)

·         Do not while away your time in mobile games. (verb)

·         While we were sleeping, Rome was steadily being built. (Conjunction)

Wrong(Noun, Adjective, Adverb, Verb)


·         Wrong never wins. (Noun)

·         You have opted for the wrong stream. (Adjective)

·         You often spell your words wrong. (Adverb)

·         You wrong me by your actions. (Verb)


That (Adjective, Pronoun, Conjunction)


·         That book is mine.(Adjective)

·         That is my mother. (Pronoun)

·         You said that I could go along with you. (Conjunction)

Next (Adjective, Adverb, Preposition, Noun)


·         I will watch the movie next Friday. (Adjective)

·         He is standing next to me. (Adverb)

·         The egg is placed next to the toast on the table. (Preposition)

·         Next is you on the podium (Noun)



Little (Adjective, Adverb)


·         There is little money left in the box. (Adjective)

·         He ate very little during the supper time. (Adverb)


More (Adjective, Pronoun, Adverb)


·         I have more strength than him. (Adjective)

·         I walked more than him today .(Adverb)

·         More of us are getting disillusioned with the system.


Only (Adjective, Adverb, Conjunction)


·         It was my only chance to qualify. (Adjective)

·         I only sipped a little of that wine. (Adverb)

·         Do what you have to do, only let me go. (Conjunction)


Over(Adverb, Noun, Preposition)


·         Read it over very meticulously. (Adverb)

·         The overs were finished very fast (Noun)

·         The box is kept over the shelf.  (Preposition)


Since (Preposition, Conjunction, Adverb)


·         I have not seem her since that summer.(Preposition)

·         Since there is no hope, let us part for once and all. (Conjunction)

·         I have not eaten since. (Adverb)


Other words which are also used in more than one Parts of Speech are Why, What, Up, Before, Even, Both, Much, Needs, Neither, No, Once, One, So, Either, Back, Better, Near, About, After, All, Any, As, But. Else, Enough, Except, For, Less, Some, Still, Such, That, The, Till, Well, Why, Yet.

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