The Sounds of Early Morning in the Town

Woken by the chirping of the birds right on the window pane beside my bed. Yes right then the alarm clock rings at 6.00 am. Mesmerised by the light breeze on a spring morning , I could hear the honking horns of the buses on the Main road. By now most of the daily wholesalers have already started with their day. Suddenly the door bell rings and the milkman is there at the door. When I looked passed the window and found the road very busy.

The people returning after the morning workout seem to gather in small group for their morning session of laughter class, after which they would be heading for the morning tea in the nearby shop. By now the clock strikes 07.00 am and it’s time to get ready for office. Once I leave home, heading towards office, the moment I reach the main road round the corner of the apartment, I find children all waiting at the bus stop for the school bus. 

All the parents accompanying their children are busy seen advising their kids with the last minute tips regarding their exam. Once the bus moves in the kids head towards it and the parents head back home with their early morning gossip of the day. Then I see the nearby vegetable sellers busy honking for the customers to buy their vegetables. The fish market seems to be much busier place then the rest of the wholesale market. People all round seem to be busy running for the daily routine. The small dealers of flowers are busy serving the customers who wants to buy in a hurry. Everywhere I find hustle and bustle. The showrooms and retailers seems to be all closed. There comes the newspaper distributor round the corner distributing the newspaper at every door step.

Heading towards the nearest metro station I can hereby the busy traffic jam on the main road as it is time for school students and office goers to reach office on time. The noise of traffic and vehicles blowing the horn is so intense that it deafens the ears. Once I reach near the metro station , I find long queue of people at the ticket booking counter and the moment I could hear the gushing of the train on the platform , people seem to rush to the platform. The train comes in but takes a bit of time in opening the automatic doors which has got locked due to the technical fault. The impatient crowd starts yelling for the railway police to take note of the situation and report urgently. The police has a tough time managing the crowd and then suddenly the train opens the door for people to move in. The moment the door opens all the people shout together and I see the people gushing in to get a seat in the train. Some of the ladies are heard fighting with one another for the seat as if this is a musical chair competition and the winner would be awarded. So the journey begins for the day with a rush, energy and enthusiasm.

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