The Stars and The Sun

We discuss about the stars and the sun. A star is a huge ball of hot glowing gases. It gives out heat and light. The sun is also a star. It is the star nearest to us. That is why it appears so big as compared to the other stars. All stars other than the Sun appear as twinkling points of light in the night sky.

We see there are countless stars in the sky in a cloudless, clear night. Some stars twinkle while some have a steady light. The twinkling stars have their own light. They are huge spheres of burning gases. They give off their own heat and light. They cannot be seen during the day because of the light of the Sun.

Without the Sun’s heat and light, the Earth would have been very cold. There would have been no life on the earth.


We should not focus the rays on our body. The skin can get burnt. Also, never look at the Sun directly. It can damage our eyes.

Fourth Grade

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