The Strangest Job Interview

Interview of any type always creates a human psychological fear. However matured or experienced you are it ought to have some uneasiness in the mind of the interviewer.

But the interview experience that I would speak of now was nothing very unusual or some great difficult affair by any chance. Yet, I was obviously curious and judgmental about myself in the same.  

 My experience in the field of marketing throughout the peninsular India was tried and tested in many companies in various segment of industries.

In Mumbai, it was a time when I was ditched by the previous employer who gave me an opportunity to come to Mumbai migrating from Nasik city of state of Maharashtra of India. I needed imminently another good employer to provide me a respectable paid job and position to survive with my family.

One fine morning during this period, I came across an advertisement in the “Times of India (Mumbai Edition) “seeking a candidate with maturity and vast experience to handle the business of concept industry. The position was of a “Marketing Director “in a Canadian company operating in India.  The Canadian Director toiled to in India for about 20 years to establish the brand and business in India and now desire to migrate to Canada in his hometown in Toronto along with his British wife from London to launch a new Book business. 

I fixed an appointment and went for the interview at his said address in Andheri (Mumbai –India). The office was spacious and neat and clean with meager furniture but appropriate to look artistic. There was a huge chamber covered with glass from all sides. Inside was sitting his wife Jennifer and He Mr. Coleman is too well decorated big cushion chairs. Opposite was another single cushioned chair for the candidate that is myself.

They were rather quite happy on my coming to meet them as I realized. The greeting was heartful with pleasant smile. The gentleman hand shooked me and said, he was too happy to see me.”

The wife remained observant and watched me minutely. It seemed that she was a brilliant student of Psychology and has good knowledge of Vedic astrology very well. Her ancestors were Parsis from India migrated to London some 45 years back.

Mr. Coleman was a very open hearted and frank gentleman. He candidly declared that he never has interviewed a senior matured and experienced candidate like me before. So he is actually nervous. Though he has built a huge group of about six hundred trained executives, he is uncertain about any of them being given such a sensitive and responsible position which he himself had been handling so long to any of them. None of them fulfilled his expectation of the requirement of such kind. This he explained me when I questioned him why he wants to thrush a senior position like this to an outsider instead of giving a promotion from his inside trained team.

I found this gentleman and his wife quite decent and honest. I clarified to him that I definitely have very rich experience and maturity in Goods and Service industry. But never ventured into the concept selling before. This time his British wife spoke. She said, Abir, I think you are the right person for this position we cherish. What I observe from the conversation that you had till now with Coleman, I feel you can do justice to our cause and the company in our absence in India.  Whatever you require, we are ready to give you. Only   prove yourself a professional. I know professionalism means - "Give and Take“.

I required one lac INR at that time to vacate the previous employer’s rented house to shift to another suitable place. I desired the same 

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