The Tragic Love of Romeo and Juliet

Throughout the universe Love is the great source of passion. Love always remains the everlasting if genuine.  It cares no barrier of the world and conquers all hatredness. It is such an enormous emotion built in human life that the lover can do anything to be with his/her love. 

The renowned tragic play of Romeo and Juliet written by William Shakespeare is depicted on the Elizabethan period around the love story between Romeo who was the young heir of the Montagues and the Capulet’s daughter, Juliet. It was the period when men had all say and power in the society. The story gathers the encounter between the two royal families opposing each other with deep rooted hatredness for one another born from the family’s history.

In the depth of hatred catastrophe, the two tragic lovers Romeo and Juliet tried to keep their precious love alive.

But their love remained tragic. Tragic because:

1. From the prologue to Act I, it is mentioned that they are doomed because they have been popularly known as a star- crossed lovers. An oxymoron is used already in the prologue to support the tragedy in the drama. Their ignorance always made them believe that their love would overpower the silly family feud one day and their love would triumph. But it never happened and they dwindled.

2. Romeo and Juliet has been a tragic love story due to it’s fact that the two families – the Capulets and the Montagues had been fighting three civil wars due to their hatredness for each other. Though the lovers had positive set of mind and were optimistic of their love yet it had surpassed their bravery in love and had turned out to be a tragic one.

3. The fate is considered a vital role player in this play as depicted in the characters by William Shakespeare. The destiny had brought them together and the fate eventually brought about their death bringing an end to a genuine tragic love to keep it memorial in the history of literature. The play is considered by the critics as the most vital play in the collection of plays written by this great writer of literature.

4. A successful good tragedy needs the failure of the protagonist as a rule which in this play is followed by Romeo and Juliet. Shakespeare depicted these characters to the esteemed readers so enjoyable that most of the readers aspires the outcome quite happy and the theme has been built quite good ultimately making Romeo and Juliet a successful tragedy.

5. Romeo and Juliet had been a tragic love because there have been always a hatredness, fight, ban on lovers been meeting each other and finally the death of both lovers without meeting each other to express their immense urge for love. Romeo was banished and left to see his lover killed. Both the hero and the heroine die unnecessarily without fulfilling their love to mature and ripe.

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