What Makes a Good Family?

First of all let us understand what a Family means?

A family as I understand is the group of members with a Father and a Mother both of whom formulate a standard of value which all the members of the family follow. Well, a Good Family is based on these values.

Remember that every parent looks forward for a good family. The core truth lies that it is the honesty however harsh it might be keeps a family bold, known of the world and united with respect for each other.

Let your children rely on the truth of your saying or decision. If it is not you, they will look for it from the others.

Now, let us know some important points to remember for keeping your family called “Happy“ 

1. Always try to have your dinner with your family:  

Having meals together with your family work very good psychologically. Children who have dinner/meals with their families are likely to not be any addicts and develop a good vocabulary power and confidence within themselves.

2. Combat your stress: 

Never display your stress in front of your children. Yes, it is really a difficult task. But research reveals that parents who are stressed have their children prone to multiple ailments among them.

3. Attachment to a larger community: 

Having larger friends in a religious community say at least ten makes your children and you happier. You feel connected to like-minded people and that keeps you contented.

4. Let your children be aware of your family history:

Do not conceal your family history from your children. Knowledge of the family history makes the children self-esteemed and they also possess on the control of their lives.

5. Give the children the decisive power:

Empowering the children with their own decisions even for their own punishment enhances their executive skills, makes them self-disciplined and understanding their pros and cons by themselves.

6. Friendly with Grandparents: 

Children who are friendly and spend a lot of their childhood with their grandparents are likely to be more social, do well in schools and are very compassionate. They become more compassionate, more co-operative.

It is really true that you must have the determination of building a good family once you plan to marry and raise children. It is you who need to understand that your determination to create a good family lies entirely on the strong urge that you have had build in your heart. And for the same you need to discipline yourself, first. You need to learn the value of sacrifice, first. Your behavior and character traits are minutely followed and watched by your children and try to ape or develop accordingly.

So, make sure you hold yourself responsible for a good or bad family being created, first.  It is you inculcate in your children the foundation stone of a good family that you cherish in your heart. You make it or spoil it.

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