What Makes a Person to be a Good Teacher?

First of all, let us understand:  Who is a teacher? 

A person is a teacher who aids others to get knowledge, competence or values.

The present PM of India says to the students,” Mother gives Birth to Child, Teacher Gives Life. “Thus, ‘A teacher is an actor, writer, doctor, lawyer, politician, painter and director … and can you doubt who wouldn’t want that?’

In some countries informal setting like homeschooling is common  where members within the family takes the responsibility to teach rather than the formal setting like school or college. Profession in other segment may lead to some amount of significant teaching like youth worker, pastor.

Now, we will discuss about: what could be the teacher’s role?

Actually, a teacher’s role changes among cultures .The instruction of a teacher may be in numeracy, literary, craftsmanship or vocational training like the religion, arts, civics, community roles or life skills.

In formal teaching, the teachers prepare lessons as per the curricula, give lessons and evaluate the progress of the pupil. But it should not be forgotten that the teacher’s professional duties may spread beyond formal teaching. Beside classroom studies , the teacher may  go along with the students on field trips, supervise study halls , support and help the students with school functions  and serve as supervisors for extracurricular activities. Even students discipline need to be  monitored by the teachers in some education system.

Well, now we will discuss about: what makes a good teacher?

It has been discovered that the basic qualification  only  does not make a person a good teacher ! Even if you have a great degree, excellent organizational skills and good communication skills; you may crumble  in the classroom for being impatient with your pupils: nothing they did was well enough: your pupils may become demotivated and disaffected.

So, we will now speak about the essential qualities of a Good and Effective Teacher which adds up to a good education for the students , an enjoyable classroom experience and a rewarding career:

The vital character traits essential of a teacher are the adaptability to stay Organized,  remain perceptive to the requirements of the students, to  mingle with a wide variety of professionals, to keep-up with the innovations and  latest advancement in technology and to cope – up with  the challenges brought about by the teaching children.

We will discuss these qualities of a good teacher in details :

1. A Good teacher need to be Organized:

The lesson plans properly organized provide a huge framework for the students because they learn, and help the classroom remain disciplined and orderly. Moreover, organized lesson plans attracts the students attention. Lessons filled with fun, fresh and energetic will encourage the students with impetus for the next day’s class.

2. A Good Teacher need to be: Collaborative:

It is always beneficial and fruitful for a good teacher to work with staff and parents.

It is essential for teachers to share about the information they gather from the students parents and guardians, school administrators and other professionals. Besides attending the staff meetings, training modules and development sessions, a good teacher should  regularly meet parents and discuss about their individual students. This creates  a good  trustworthy relationships within the school system.

3. A Good teacher should always Assess the children’s growth:

A teacher being in the supervision of the student in and out of the classroom (during breaks and in the lunchrooms ) is in a position to rightly assess and measure each student’s total abilities and progress.

4. A Good Teacher rises to Challenges:

A Good teacher need to cope –up with the a daily worldly changes in the classrooms as well as long-term strategies and tools. For a successful teacher the key point remains is the ability to adapt to challenges. A few challenges that are envisaged by the teacher are: bad behavior in students, unhealthy environment, unpaid overtime, difficult parents, lack of time and emotional stress.

But in spite of all these challenges, a truly good teacher  can always make a long surviving impact that  follows students all  along their lives.

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