Why I always find time to be with my Family

I have always admired Irrfan Khan, the actor. However, after his recent encounter with the dreaded neuroendocrine cancer, at the peak of his career, I am left, absolutely in awe of Irrfan, the man. AS in all his other endeavors in life, I am hopeful an d confident that he will l excel in this ultimate role of a ‘Warrior’ , fighting for his survival and in the process, leave behind invaluable learning for us lesser mortals.Straddling between continents, and with absolute ease in all forms of Cinema, this man had the world at his feet but when times became bad and the health scare hot like a bolt of lightning, all he could do was clutch at his son and his wife and blabber about not being prepared in his current mental state to face this debacle. He needed his family to rally around him, to clutch at them hoping to bring some sort of semblance and calmness amidst this agitation and panic.

Michael J. Fox, at the peak of his career and newly married was handed over the dreaded new that he was suffering from the debilitating Parkinson disease with a very uncertain future looming ahead, at the young age of 30. Fresh out of his wedding vow, he went on to ask his wife ‘Are you in for this?’ In Hollywood, where marriages fall apart faster than a game of dominoes, she replied ‘I’m in for it’ and went on to support him by staying in a loving committed relationship , bearing 4 children , offering him the sanctity of happy, family life , for the next 30 years. It is testament to the embalming effect of family life that contrary to doctor’ opinions, Michael j. Fox is still going strong, in life and movies.

The recent Bollywood release, the biopic made on the life and times of the perennial bad boy of Indian Cinema, Sanjay Dutt, the Bollywood actor, once again woke me up the fact that family will see you through, no matter how much the odds are stacked against you. The trials and tribulations of this man, much of it, his own doing, is an eye- opener for any youth, about the need to exercise wisdom and sagacity when it comes to making life’s fundamental decision. But more importantly, it shows how important family is to hold the fort and have your back when things go wrong.   His relationship with his father , who never gave up on him, even though he epitomised everything the senior Dutt, despised , and his strong bond with his latter wife made it possible for him to wade through the murky waters and come out alive.

These examples are just a tip of the ice-berg. Every day, every moment family is reinventing new rules to bring light and cheer in an individual’s life, in their own petty ways. It therefore makes complete sense that something which is of such paramount importance, be held dear and given priority, over anything else.

As for me , I always love to spend my time amidst the comfort of my family which keeps me sane, keeps me happy and keeps me grounded amidst this din and chaos of everyday life.

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