“Where there is a will, there is way” - this proverb is very true with the life of living beings. Nothing will impossible in this world if you have a strong will. A strong will helps or supports you in every way to overcome all the bars of your life. A will is what a sauce to a spicy food. An optimistic person always has a strong will within his or heart. This will regulates him or her to achieve his or her destination.

Will means never a desire but it refers to an earnest desire. It is a strong desire. This desire is very active and forceful in nature. Sometime we see the fact that our will is the active worker and we are just mere passive workers. Bad situations are like tonic. It increases our will. It will become the path finder of our fortune. When we are facing problems we just want to sit quietly and think about the situation. This thinking is the root of every invention and every smile fortune. Adversity gives us opportunity to find a new way. This way most of the time becomes the turning point of our life.

It works in such a way that few times it makes us to be surprised. It forces us to think how it is possible. Will means indomitable spirit. Will is a divine form of power. This power is not inheritable. But to some extent this power is inheritable. God loves those persons who have this power. God is giver of willpower.

A strong willpower is the strength to take a good decision. Will is the hallmark of everything. Freewill is the element to live a happy life. It is a good sign of a social being. Freewill is something   which helps us to take any vital decision. It gives us scopes to make a choice in our life.

Will equal to determination. A strong will always helps us to reach far way and to take a good position. Our will is the stimulator of our work. The well-known personalities of the world were achieved their dreams and destination only through the strength of their will power. Their efforts were doubled with their strong will. That will was the great ship in the sea of their hope. Doctor always tells that willpower is the best medicine for recovering of the patient. Will is nothing but the power of mind. Our mind is the storehouse of will power. A good mind always has goodwill. Will is the best friend of a failure person to get set back and to prepare her or him for a new innings or a new war. Will expresses us about our hidden desires. It uncovers a truth before us in its own way. It helps us to identify our aim. Will is never a slave to anyone. It is always a free thing. It is our sauce to eat that means work.

Will have some negative impacts also. Good will is good. But when it crosses the level of good it becomes very violent. This sweet fruit becomes a bitter one. The divine thing turns into poison. Ambition in a form of will is good to us. But when it exceeds the boundary and greed comes to it then this becomes the thorn of our life. This thorn harms others also. So will has its two sides. One is black and other is white. This is the very truth of our life that everything and everyone has their light and dark sides. Will is the milestone of reaching an utmost goal. Will is our bold company in the way from the bottom to the topmost position. It is never a bad thing. It never has any side effects. Will is the light of our psyche in the gloomy darken sight. Will is the main person who deserves to catch every trophies of the winner. It has a very different place in this worldly life.

Will stimulates our heart to do impossible works. We can get the power to win the danger only by the power of will. So will power is the best power among all the powers. It is more powerful than the weapons. We should take care of this divine thing to reach our destiny as well as to achieve our goal.

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