Worksheet on Addition and Subtraction of Large Numbers

This worksheet aims at providing the learners an experience of solving addition and subtraction with large whole numbers. The method learnt for addition and subtraction is same only it deals with large numbers along with writing the statements as the addition and subtractions are to be performed in story sums.

1. A town has a total population of 4,00,000. The population of females is 1,20,500 and the population of males is 1,50,800. Find the number of children in the town?

Answer: 1,28,700 children

2. There are 5,200 sacks of wheat, 56,100 sacks of pulses, and 60,000 sacks of rice in store for sale. Find the total amount of food grains in storage.

Answer: 1,21,300 sacks

3. Subtract the sum of 85,030 and 32,100 from the sum of 5,52,000 and 5,410.

Answer: 4,40,280

4. Find the difference between the sum of 32,698 and 43,270 and the sum of 7,440 and 28,850.

Answer: 39,678

5. Ravi has $ 80,50,000 in his savings account in the month of July. He withdrew $ 5,30,210 from his savings account in the month of August. Again he deposited $ 42,13,000 during the month of August. Find the balance of Ravi’s savings bank account at the end of the month of August.

Answer: $ 11,732,790

6. There are 50,00,000 apples in a basket. Out of those 65,000 apples are rotten and 85,000 apples are eaten by the shopkeeper and his family and friends. Find the number of apples available for sale by the shopkeeper.

Answer: 4,850,000 apples

7. In a garden there are 45,67,895 rose plants, 89,37,621 sunflower plants and 3,25,520 jasmine plants. Find the total number of flower plants in the garden.

Answer: 13,831,036 plants

8. Sushant has Rs. 10,000 as pocket money. He spends Rs. 2,500 on tuition fees, Rs. 2,250 in buying stationery and he saves the rest. Then find how much money is left with Sushant  as savings.

Answer: Rs. 5,250

9. The distance from Alex house to school is 850 m. Alex’s father drops her at the nearby crossing by cycle. Then she walks the rest distance of 250 m by foot. How much distance does Alex goes in her father’s cycle?

Answer: 500 m

10. Meena goes for shopping and purchases 2 shirts for Rs. 2,000, a dress material for Rs. 1,500, and a pair of shoes for Rs. 850. Find the amount of money spent by Meena in shopping that day.

Answer: Rs. 4,350

11. Subtract the sum of 3,254 and 1,524 from 45,600.

Answer: 40,822

12. What should be added to 12,35,450 to get 78,56,123?

Answer: 66,20,673

13. There are 1,250 mangoes, 56,500 apples, and 1,23,500 oranges in a basket. Find the total number of fruits in the basket.

Answer: 1,81,250 fruits

Worksheet on Addition and Subtraction of Large Numbers

14. Saurabh everyday covers 500 m by cycle, 2,500 m by bus and the rest 200 m by foot to reach his office. How far is his office from his house?

Answer: 3,200 m

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