Worksheet on Air, Water and Weather

Worksheet on air, water and weather contains various types of questions.

I. Mark a tick (√) or cross (X) against each given statement:

(i) When the clouds get heavy with water droplets it rains.

(ii) Polluted water is harmful to drink.

(iii) Direct sunlight heats more than slanting sunlight.

(iv) Land cools down faster than water.

(v) Water evaporates only when it is heated.

II. Match the columns:

(i) Condensation                               (a) water vapour freezes in clouds

(ii) Clouds                                        (b) drinking water

(iii) Snow                                         (c) millions of water droplets

(iv) Hail                                           (d) when water vapour is cooled

(v) Waterworks                                (e) water drops freeze on their way down

III. Write whether the following statements are true or false:

(i) The earth keeps the sun warm.

(ii) The earth revolves around the sun

(iii) Water goes up in the form of vapour

(iv) Land get heated sooner than water in day time.

(v) It rains when steam is cooled

(vi) Hailstones damage the crops

(vii) Frost is advantageous to crops.

IV. Fill in the blanks using the appropriate word:

24, Frost, living, sun, heated, food, water

(i) Land gets _________ quicker than water.

(ii) The main factors behind changes in weather are _________ and _________.

(iii) Hails and _________ cause damage to crops.

(iv) Changes in seasons influence our _________ and _________ habits.

(v) The earth rotates on its axis and completes one rotation in _________ hours.

Answers for the worksheet on air, water and weather are given below.


I. (i) √

(ii) √

(iii) √

(iv) √

(v) √

II. (i) Condensation                          (d) when water vapour is cooled

(ii) Clouds                                        (c) millions of water droplets

(iii) Snow                                         (a) water vapour freezes in clouds

(iv) Hail                                           (e) water drops freeze on their way down

(v) Waterworks                                (b) drinking water  

III. (i) false

(ii) true

(iii) true

(iv) true

(v) true

(vi) true

(vii) false

IV. (i) heated

(ii) sun, water

(iii) frost

(iv) living, food

(v) 24

Fourth Grade

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