Worksheet on Domestic Animals

Worksheet on domestic animals contains various types of questions on domestic and pet animals.

Read the concept to answer the questions on domestic animals.

1. Match the following given in column A with column B:

       Column A                             Column B

       (i) hen                                   (a) honey

       (ii) bees                                 (b) belt

       (iii) silkworm                          (c) egg

       (iv) snake                              (d) wool

       (v) sheep                               (e) silk

2. Fill in the blanks:

(i) The ________ of cow is used to make ice-cream.

(ii) A donkey carries ________ for us.

(iii) A ________ guards our homes

(iv) A cat keeps the ________ away.

(v) We eat the ________ of animals like goat and hen.

3. Answer the following questions:

(i) Why should we be kind to wild animals?

(ii) Name two animals kept on the farms to carry load.

(iii) Name two animals that are used to give you joy rides.

(iv) Name one dish in which your mother uses egg.

(v) What are people who eat meat called?

(vi) What are people who do not eat meat called?

(vii) Name one animal that gives us milk.

(viii) Name two things made from milk.

(ix) Name two animals that are kept as pets.

(x) Name two things made from leather.

4. Write true or false:

(i) We should overload animals with work.

(ii) We should beat farm animals.

(iii) We should keep our pet animals clean.

(iv) We should not tease animals.

(v) Animals are not our friends.

Check the answers of worksheet on domestic animals:


1.     Column A                        Column B

         (i) hen                              (c) egg

         (ii) bees                           (a) honey

         (iii) silkworm                     (e) silk

         (iv) snake                         (b) belt

         (v) sheep                          (d) wool

2. (i) milk

(ii) load

(iii) dog

(iv) mice

(v) flesh

3. (i) We should be kind to wild animals because animals are very useful to us. They give us food, leather and fibre and also carry our load.

(ii) Elephant and camel.

(iii) Elephant and horse.

(iv) Cake

(v) People who eat meat are called non-vegetarian.

(vi) People who do not eat meat are called vegetarian.

(vii) Cow

(viii) Butter and cheese.

(ix) Dog and cat.

(x) Belt and shoes.

4. (i) false

(ii) false

(iii) true

(iv) true

(v) false

Second Grade

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