Worksheet on First Aid and House

Worksheet on first aid and house contains various types of questions on safety rules that should be followed – on the road, inside a vehicle, in the swimming pool, in the playground & at home and types of houses & the materials used in making houses.

I. Fill in the blanks:

(i) Cross the road at the ____________ crossing.

(ii) Do ____________ run on the road.

(iii) Never ____________ pet animals.

(iv) Follow ____________ rules to save yourself from injury.

(v) A house made of snow is called an ____________.

II. Match the following:

(i) Floating house                                                 (a) in a queue

(ii) Hut                                                                (b) bungalows

(iii) A house                                                         (c) rainy season

(iv) Tent                                                              (d) winter season

(v) Do not                                                           (e) is a kutcha house

(vi) Stand                                                            (f) is a place where we live in

(vii) Always cross the road                                  (g) houseboat

(viii) Pucca house                                                (h) play on the road

(ix) Fire                                                                (i) is a temporary house

(x) Umbrella                                                         (j) at the zebra crossing

III. Answer the following questions:

(i) What materials are used to make a hut?

(ii) What materials are used to make a flat?

(iii) What things should a good house have?

(iv) Why it is important to follow safety rules?

(v) Name the two types of houses.

Check the answers of worksheet on first aid and house:


I. (i) zebra

(ii) not

(iii) tease

(iv) safety

(v) igloo

II. (i) Floating house                                        (g) houseboat

(ii) Hut                                                            (e) is a kutcha house

(iii) A house                                                     (f) is a place where we live in

(iv) Tent                                                          (i) is a temporary house

(v) Do not                                                        (h) play on the road

(vi) Stand                                                        (a) in a queue

(vii) Always cross the road                                (j) at the zebra crossing

(viii) Pucca house                                             (b) bungalows

(ix) Fire                                                          (d) winter season

(x) Umbrella                                                    (c) rainy season

III. (i) A hut is made up of wood, mud, straw and dry leaves.

(ii) A flat is made up of wood, bricks, cement, iron rods and steel.

(iii) A good house should be airy and should have trees nearby. It should be neat and clean.

(iv) It is important to follow safety rules to save ourselves from injury.

(v) The two types of houses are pucca house and kutcha house.

Second Grade

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