Worksheet on Food gives us Energy

Worksheet on food gives us energy contains various types of questions on the right kinds of food that our body needs to stay well and different kinds of food we need to eat from all the food groups to get a balanced diet.

Read the concept to answer the questions on foods help us to grow (protein), foods gives us energy (carbohydrates) and foods keep  us healthy (vitamins and minerals). 

Tick (√) the correct answers:

1. What kind of vitamin foods should we include in our diet to have good eye-sight and a healthy skin?

(i) Water                                                                      

(ii) Vegetables and fruits          

(iii) Cereals                            

(iv) Dals

2. What kind of problems can we face if we never eat green vegetables like spinach, cabbage and beans?

(i) Will not get enough fibre in her diet.

(ii) Will be less energetic.

(iii) Will be tired always.

(iv) Will stop growing.

3. Why is important to have foods from the food group like milk, eggs, paneer, pulses and beans here in the picture?

(i) These give us energy to play.                   

(ii) These help us lose weight.       

(iii) These give us sugar              

(iv) These help us to grow.

4. Daisy is six years old. She eats her food on time. She only likes to eat bread and butter, chapattis and rice. She does not eat vegetables, fruit or dal at all. In between her meals she loves to eat chocolates and ice-cream or drink colas.

Put a cross (X) against sentences that are wrong and a tick (√) against those that are right:

(i) She eats lots of cereals.

(ii) She eats enough foods to help her grow.

(iii) She does not eat enough energy-giving foods.

(iv) She will keep healthy if she eats this way.

(v) She should not eat so much between meals.

(vi) She does not eat foods which give her fibre.

(vii) She does not need to add proteins, vitamins and minerals to her food.

Check the answer of worksheet on food gives us energy:


1. (ii) Vegetables and fruits  

2. (i) Will not get enough fibre in her diet.

3. (iv) These help us to grow.

4. (i)

(ii) X

(iii) √

(iv) X


(vi) √

(vii) X

Second Grade

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