Worksheet on Going Green

Worksheet on going green contains the different types of questions on how to keep our complex clean and green and where to throw different garbage like vegetable and fruit peels, tea leaves and left-over foods, glass bottles, old newspapers, cardboard's, plastic bottles and bags.

Read the concept to answer the questions on going green.

1. Which of the following will take a long time to decay?

(i) Vegetable peel                         

(ii) Old newspaper   

(iii) Plastic bag

(iv) Cardboard

2. Fill in the blanks:

(i) Plastic is buried for many years it does not __________ or break up into any other materials.

(ii) Materials that will decay is called __________.

(iii) The compost made by earthworms is very good for __________.

(iv) Much of the waste in a city is buried in __________.

(v) The glass bottles can be broken and made into new __________.

3. What is called garbage?

4. What is biodegradable garbage?

5. What is non-biodegradable garbage?

Check the answers of worksheet on going green:


1. (iii) Plastic bag

2. (i) decompose

(ii) biodegradable

(iii) plants

(iv) landfills

(v) glass

3. Stuff that we throw away is called garbage.

4. Biodegradable garbage is material that will decay.

5. Non-biodegradable materials do not decay for several years.

Second Grade

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