Worksheet on Keeping Safe

Worksheet on keeping safe contains various types of questions on the safety rules that should be followed on the road, inside a vehicle, in the swimming pool, in the playground, at home and at the time when we get hurt.

Read the concept to answer the questions on safety and first aid.

Rules of Traffic Light

I. Name these:

(i) Traffic light that tells us to stop.

(ii) It can give us a shock.

(iii) Cross the road here.

(iv) Walk on this on a busy road.

II. Fill in the blanks using the words given below:

deep, swim, electric, clam, fire, road, medicine, moving

(i) Do not play with _________.

(ii) Do not go alone for a _________.

(iii) Do not play on the _________.

(iv) Do not touch _________ wires.

(v) Do not take _________ on your own.

(vi) Do not jump in the _________ side of a swimming pool.

(vii) Do not board a _________ bus.

(viii) Stay _________ in case of an accident.

III. Write true or false:

(i) We should put our head out of the window in a moving vehicle.

(ii) We should cut fruits with a knife on our own.

(iii) Be kind to animals.

(iv) We should push our friends while entering a bus.

(v) Run around the swimming pool.

(vi) Use floaters in the swimming pool.

IV. Answer the following questions:

Write two safety rules for each that we should obey

(i) at the house

(ii) at the playground

(iii) on the road

(iv) in the swimming pool

Check the answer of worksheet on keeping safe:


I. (i) red

(ii) electric

(iii) zebra crossing

(iv) footpath

II. (i) fire

(ii) swim

(iii) road

(iv) electric

(v) medicine

(vi) deep

(vii) moving

(viii) clam

III. (i) false

(ii) false

(iii) true

(iv) false

(v) false

(vi) true

IV. (i) At the house the two safety rules we should obey are:

(a) do not play with fire.

(b) do not tease animals.

(ii) At the playground the two safety rules we should obey are:

(a) do not play on the road.

(b) we should follow the rules while playing games.

(iii) On the road the two safety rules we should obey are:

(a) walk on the footpath on a busy road.

(b) cross the road at the zebra crossing.

(iv) In the swimming pool the two safety rules we should obey are:

(a) do not jump in the deep side of a swimming pool.

(b) do not eat while swimming.

Second Grade

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