Worksheet on Rocks, Soils and Minerals

Worksheet on rocks, soils and minerals contains various types of questions on hard rocks, soft rocks, minerals, gemstones and uses of different rocks.

Read the concept to answer the questions on rocks.   

I. Choose the correct answer:

(i) The Taj Mahal is made up of

(a) marble

(b) granite

(ii) Talc is used to make 

(a) powder        

(b) jewelers

(iii) The hardest substance is

(a) diamond

(b) granite

(iv) The Red Fort is made up of

(a) sandstone

(b) marble

(v) Coal is used for

(a) building

(b) burning

II. Fill in the blanks:

(i) Red Fort is made up of ___________.

(ii) Pots are made of ___________.

(iii) Blackboards are made of ___________.

(iv) ___________ is used to make the lead of a pencil.

(v) ___________ is used to make floors.

III. Answer the following questions:

(i) What are minerals? Name two minerals.

(ii) What are gemstones? Name two gemstones.

(iii) What are rocks?                                         

(iv) Name two hard rocks.

(v) Name two soft rocks.

IV. Name the rock:

(i) Used to make the Red Fort.

(ii) Used for making roofs

(iii) Used for making talcum powder

(iv) Used for cutting glass

(v) Burnt for cooking

Check the answers of worksheet on rocks, soils and minerals:


I. (i) (a) marble

(ii) (a) powder        

(iii) (a) diamond

(iv) (a) sandstone

(v) (b) burning

II. (i) sandstone

(ii) china clay

(iii) slates

(iv) Graphite

(v) Granite

III. (i) Rocks are made up of minerals. Silver and graphite are minerals.

(ii) Gemstones are very hard  minerals. Ruby and diamond are gemstones.

(iii) The earth is mostly made up of rocks.

(iv) Granite and marble are hard rocks.

(v) Coal and chalk are soft rocks.

IV. (i) sandstone

(ii) granite

(iii) talc

(iv) diamond

(v) coal

Second Grade

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