Worksheet on Types of Houses

Worksheet on types of houses contains various types of questions on permanent house, temporary house, materials used to build a house, roofs of houses and a good house.

Read the concept to answer the questions on different types of houses.  

I. Answers for following questions:

(i) Name three kinds of temporary houses.

(ii) Name two kinds of permanent houses.

(iii) Name four materials used for building a house.

(iv) What is an igloo?

(v) What is temporary house?

(vi) What is a houseboat?

(vii) What is a caravan?

(viii) What kind of roofs do houses on mountains have?

(ix) What kind of roofs do houses on plains have?

(x) What is a tent?

II. Name the following:

(i) A house that can float on a river.

(ii) A house that can be folded and carried along.

Check the answers of worksheet on types of houses:


I. (i) The three kinds of temporary houses are caravan, tent and houseboat.

(ii) The two kinds of permanent houses are flats and bungalows.

(iii) The four materials used for building a house are bricks, cement, steel and glass.

(iv) A house made of blocks of ice is called an igloo.

(v) A weak house made up of mud, straw, leaves, etc, are called temporary house.

(vi) A house on boat is called a houseboat.

(vii) A house on wheels is called a caravan.

(viii) Houses on mountains have sloping roofs.

(ix) Houses on plains have flat roofs.

(x) A house made of cloth is called a tent.

II. (i) houseboat

(ii) tent

Second Grade

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