World Environment Day

Celebrated on 5th June, every year, this day holds special significance for spreading awareness and information for the protection of our Environment. The U.N first decreed this day as the World Environment Day in the year 1972 in the opening of Stockholm Conference and it was first celebrated in the year 1974 and since then it has served as a prime vehicle for conducting campaigns for the sustenance of the environment with issues ranging from marine pollution to human overpopulation to global warming and sustainable consumption and crime against wildlife.

Every year it is hosted by a different country with a different theme and followed by an international exposition through the following week. India got the honor to host the World Environment Day in the year 2018 with the theme ‘Beat Plastic Pollution’ to combat single-use plastic pollution. The theme coincides with the concept of India’ spledge to have a peaceful co-existence with nature and efforts to make planet Earth a cleaner and greener place. 

The Government of India has committed to make a positive contribution to this movement with a series of activities and events generating strong public support in favor of this movement. Plastic clean up drives in beaches, forest, tourist spots and metros all are in the pipeline as a part of this engaging initiative helmed by the State. The Indian Minister of Environment, Forest and Climate Change, Dr. Harsh Vardhan, proclaimed in his speech that “We are committed to make Planet Earth a cleaner and greener space”.

The theme urges government, industries, communities and individuals to come together in cohesion to explore sustainable alternatives and urgently reduce the manufacture and use of single use plastics which are clogging our rivers, drains and oceans and damaging marine life and ultimately human health is compromised.

The primary colors associated with this day are the natural colours derived from nature, the Earth and its natural resources. The hues and shades range from the softer shades of green, brown and blue. Images of natural features like snow clad peaks, pristine beaches and images of flora and fauna are used to promote campaigns to support the causes endorsed on this day.

Over 143 countries participate in it annually with this Environment Day becoming a flag-bearer for global outreach on environmental issues. Each year the World Environment Day celebrates a new theme, a new topic, a new concern that needs to be highlighted with major corporation, NGOs and government and private sectors including individual celebrities campaigning actively for the cause.

Countries which actively participate in the World Environment Day celebrations conduct street rallies, parades, concerts, tree planting campaigns and clean-up missions to make their surrounding clean and green. This day is used to leverage political attention and action on a global platform towards the betterment of the ecology. The observance also provided a platform to sign or ratify International Environmental Conventions.

World Environment Day is a wake-up call for each individual, community and country every year to take stock of the state of the environment and make efforts to redeem the situation and actively engage themselves in the protection of the planet.

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