Worksheet on Facts About the Weather

Worksheet on facts about the weather contains various types of questions on the change in weather i.e. sunny weather, windy weather, cloudy weather and rainy weather.

We know weather depends on the sun, wind, clouds and rain and it changes constantly.

I. Fill in the blanks:

(i) The ________ depends on the sun, wind, clouds and rain.

(ii) At noon, when the sun is ________ the weather is the hottest.

(iii) Moving air is called ________.

(iv) The air is cool and during rainy ________.

(v) Weather changes ________.

II. Mark a (√) or a (X) against each true or false statement:

(i) Evenings are cooler.

(ii) A gentle breeze causes trees to fall down.

(iii) On a cloudy day, it is desirable to carry an umbrella.

(iv) Many types of weather together make a season.

(v) Winters are cold with snowfall at same places.

III. Circle the correct answers:

(i) We have coffee/cold drink on a summer afternoon.

(ii) It snowfall/pleasant during the winter in cold places.

(iv) Evaporation of water from water bodies forms vapors/water.


Check the answers of the worksheet on facts about the weather:


I. (i) weather

(ii) overhead

(iii) wind

(iv) humid

(v) constantly

II. (i) √

(ii) X

(iii) X

(iv) X

(v) √

III. (i) cold drink

(ii) snowfall

(iv) vapors

Third Grade

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