Facts About the Weather

We will learn about the facts about the weather in different weather and how the weather changes.

Our day may start bright and sunny but soon it may turn windy or cloudy. This is called a change in weather. Weather is a condition of the atmosphere. Weather may be hot or cold, wet or dry. Weather keeps on changing and the facts about the weather changes depends on the sun, wind, clouds and rain.

The Sun (sunny weather):

The position of the sun in the sky affects weather. The sun gives us heat. So, days are hotter than nights. In the mornings and evenings the weather is not hot. The rays of the sun are less hot.

At noon, when the sun is overhead the weather is the hottest. The rays of the sun are hot.

During summer, the weather is very hot. During winter, the weather is cold. A bright sunshine indicates sunny weather.


Winds (windy weather):

We know moving air is called wind. Wind also affects weather. When the wind blows gently, the weather is said to be breezy. Strong winds cause windy weather.

Very strong winds cause stormy weather. This causes damage to life and property.

In summer, the wind is hot or warm. We feel hot and sweaty. In winter, the wind is cold. We feel cold.


Clouds (cloudy weather):

The hot rays of the sun and winds together, turn the surface water from ponds or lakes into water vapor. This process is called evaporation. This water vapor rises upwards. It cools to form clouds.

When the skies are full of clouds, the weather is said to be cloudy. Only some dark clouds bring rain.

On cloudy days, the rays of the sun cannot reach the land. Thus, the weather is cooler on cloudy days than on sunny days. Though days are cool, the nights are warm during cloudy weather.


The rain (rainy weather):

Water vapor in the sky cools to form clouds. When these clouds get heavy with water droplets, we get rain. The air is cool and humid during rainy weather.

We know that the weather keeps changing throughout the year. In some months, it is very hot. In some months, it is very cold and in some months it rains heavily.

How do we feel when the Sun is directly overhead and if hot then why?
We feel very hot because the Sun shines brightly and warms the Earth. In evening, when the Sun goes down we do not feel so hot. The Sun, air and water vapour in air control the weather. Mostly mornings are cool, afternoons are hot and evenings are cool.

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