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We will learn how to write a good academic essay on different topics. Essay topics can be of variant types depending on different situations like argumentative, admission, classification, comparison, critical, deductive, definition, exploratory, expository, informal, literature, narrative, personal, persuasive, research, response, scholarship and cause & effect essay. Keeping in mind such variants here are some list of essay topics.

Growing Unrest Among Students

The Advantages and Disadvantages of a Motor Car

Happiness - a Transitory Moment in Life

The Sounds of Early Morning in the Town

The Beauty of Tree

The Beauty of Nature

Effects of Bullying on Children

Alcohol and Nervous System

Life with a Single Parent

Freedom of The Press

Effect of Professional Sport on Children

Domestic Violence

Music Effects on Human Body

Dating at a Young Age

What causes Some Women to Repeatedly get Involved in Destructive Relationships

Earthquakes and Potential Dangers they Bring

Social Media Effect on Young People

Growing Up in Poverty

Stress Impact on Health

Impact of Drug Use on Human Body

The Cause and Effect of telling Lies

The “Delights” of Our School Cafeteria

How Globalization Affects Economy

The Effects of Credit Culture

What Makes a Person to be a Good Teacher?

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