Worksheet on Facts About the Seasons

Worksheet on facts about the seasons contains various types of questions on different seasons such as summer season, winter season monsoon season and spring.

We know seasons follow one another year after year.

I. Fill in the blanks:

(i) Summers are ________ and ________.

(ii) ________ bring rain.

(iii) In ________, it is hotter in the plains than in the hilly regions.

(iv) In ________, the weather is dry and very hot with a few showers.

(v) Cough, cold and fever are the common ailments in ________.

II. Given below are items used during the different seasons. Put the items in the correct places in summer, monsoon and winter:

caps, sweaters, mufflers, sunglasses, jackets, gumboots, gloves, raincoats

III. Answer the following:

(i) Why is noon the hottest part of the day?

(ii) Give a difference between windy weather and stormy weather.

(iii) What is known as evaporation?

(iv) How is ram caused?

Check the answers of the worksheet on facts about the seasons:


I. (i) hot, dry

(ii) Monsoons

(iii) summer

(iv) spring

(v) winter

II. summer: sunglasses

monsoon: gumboots, raincoats

winter: caps, sweaters, mufflers, jackets, gloves

III. (i) Noon is the hottest part of the day because the sun is overhead and the rays of the sun are hot.

(ii) Strong winds cause windy weather and very strong winds cause stormy weather.

(iii) The hot rays of the sun and winds together, turn the surface of the water into water vapor. This process is known as evaporation.

(iv) Rain caused when the water vapor in the sky cools to form clouds and these clouds get heavy with water droplets then we get rain.

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