Ambition is the one word, without which human beings would not have witnessed the dawn of civilization. Ambition, the propeller of all actions, the inspiration behind all achievements, the motivation behind all creation. Without ambition, human beings shall never step outside their comfort zone and attain the impossible. Without ambition, human beings shall not be driven, not be inspired and not be charged to surmount the lofty peaks of success.

However, due caution must be exercised since ambition is double-edged sword. On the one hand it provides a person with the desire to accomplish impossible goals and surpass himself. On another hand, it makes him overstep his boundaries and dulls his ethics and morals to make him ruthless. Controlled Ambition is responsible for his meteoric rise and unfettered ambition is what causes his cataclysmic downfall.

This now brings us to the pertinent question what is Ambition? It can be best describes as an intense, passionate desire to achieve something that is way out of league. Every human being has the innate desire to be recognized, to achieve something of notable significance but lacks the drive and the zest to put in the effort and passion needed to attain it. Ambition acts as the fuel and propels the person to channelize all his energy towards the desired goal and if need be, to exceed his own limitation and achieve it.

This bring us to the second most important question that why ambition is such a paramount ingredient in one’s life? The answer lies in the fact that ambition helps a person to focus on achieving a goal and channelize the persistence, discipline, determination, experience and creativity required to attain the life-goal. Along with all this, comes the single most important ingredient that is, clarity of focus. For those familiar with Indian mythology, the tale of Arjuna and the bird’s eye is one that will be easy to relate with, at this particular juncture. For the uninitiated, Arjuna was the most successful archer of all times in the tale of Mahabharata. At a very early age, his Guru/ Mentor Lord Dronacharya put everyone on a task to shoot an arrow across a bird’s eye, sitting on a tree. Unlike all his contemporaries, Arjuna was the only one, who when asked what he could see from his stand-point, answered ‘the bird’s eye’ at the exclusion of everything else.

Ambition is what sets apart the legend from the crowd, the champion from the players, the hero from the ordinary folks. The truly inspired ones are the ones who are driven by their ambition to excel, to surpass, to succeed.

However, ambition must never be allowed to overstep its boundary. It must never dominate one’s call of conscience. It must never be permitted to make one lose one’s perspective of right or wrong. Ambition must be to better oneself, not to achieve the impossible by fair or foul means cause therein lies one’s nemesis. This is the single reason for the fall of grace of renowned people and one must constantly be on guard again such unscrupulous ambition.

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