In West Bengal Maoist activities were too much. In Bombay at Taj Hotel the violent terrorist attack was a great panic to not only them but it also influences many common public inner the state and outer the state. Terrorism in a broad sense means immense spreading of indiscriminate violence. Terrorism creates terror among masses. Its chief aim is to create an atmosphere of panic and fear for achieving financial, political, religious or ideological benefits. It is used to keep violence against peace. It’s battle against peace. The peace loving people and the common public are the worst sufferers of this great menace. The terms "terrorism" and "terrorist’’ invented at the time of French Revolution. It was then late 18th century. But it got mainstream popularity at the time of U.S presidency of Ronald Reagan (1981-89). In 1983 there was Beirut barracks bombings. In 2001 September 11 attacks occurred. In 2002 Bali bombings took place.

"Terrorism" has no appropriate definition. The word has a very cruel meaning. After uttering the word "terrorism" some may feel terror but it is more dangerous in reality. Its connotation suggests that it is the worst thing and at the same time it is morally wrong. Governments and non-state groups used this to abuse or denouncing opposing groups.

Many political parties involved them with politics for their benefit. Though it is very disgraceful that those hidden their names. But in reality they use this as the weapon of their success. Their objective is to further the works of their groups and to spread the net of their power. Not only right wing or left wing political groups but also nationalist groups, religious groups, ruling governments use the terrorism for their own goodness. In Westbengal the impact of terrorist (Maoist) activities and Maoist leader Kishanji’s activity were very terrific for common public. It might be true that he was caught by the police. Now the people of Bengal are free from this fearful influence. In India’s border, Kashmir, Pakistan, Punjab, Kargil there were several terrorist attacks. It was the issue of terrorists that they want to create an atmosphere of panic. For doing this they always try to choose places with crowd like shopping molls, hotels or in big markets. Their issue is to create nuisance among a lot of people. Terrorism is a crime. It is a great social crime. It affects heart and body of common people. Peace is the only answer instead of terrorism. Terrorism is equal to war crime. So people should try to eradicate this problem for a peace loving and better society.

According to the research of Global Terrorism Data base (by the University of Maryland) terrorism rate is finding again. 61,000 or more than that number of non-state terrorism   remain in the world. The result of that is 140,000 deaths. Some months ago we hear the situations of rohingas. This is very pitiful. Men have problems. But be merciful to others. Let help the people in their distress as if no common public get no chance to be a terrorist. Government and police should be very kind towards them to bring back them in a civilized life. We all are the son of Almighty. So everyone has the right to live their own life freely.

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