Adaptation in Plants

We know plants and animals are living things. To survive they need food, water, air, shelter, the right climate and also the right type of soil too. Plants and animals live in various places.

They live in places where it is very cold as well as in places where it is hot and dry. They also live in rivers and lakes and in the salty water of the oceans.

Plants and animals living inside water should be able to breathe air dissolved in water. Those living in deserts should be able to survive with very little water.

Plants and animals living in a certain place survive by adapting themselves to the conditions of that place. Like a fish living in water has a different body structure as compared to animals living on land. Fishes have gills to breathe under water. And they cannot survive outside water because they cannot breathe outside water.

The leaves of a water lily plant that lives in water are thin and big and they float in water. They look very different from the leaves of a cactus plant which are like sharp needles. Cactus and camels can survive in deserts because they can store water in their bodies.

There are so many types of plants and animals. Each place has its own problems because of the adaptations to their surroundings. Plants and animals living in different surroundings look different too.

Fourth Grade

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