“Be the moon and live in the sky”

                                                                             -G. P. Mukherjee

“Shoot for the moon even if you miss you will land in the sky”-this is not the proverb of a post modern era. Now World has changed .Now it is the age to be a moon or to be a star. Ambition is the vital vitamin in this way. Our ambition proves how long we would go. This ambition is inspiration to our heart. At last this ambition honours us with precious jewel. Ambition is the hidden treasure of human beings. This is the only key to open the door of our fortune. 

This ambition is a misfortune if you use it in a bad way. We should cautious about the use of ambition. It is our moral or ethical duty to use ambition in a good sense. For a little man ambition is good. As it is Nature’s nature to be ascending .The order is ascending not descending. It is a strong desire to climb up the ladder of success. It helps us to achieve our destination. It means an earnest desire to for something. We come to this earth only to fulfil the goal of life. It is only prominent to us. So ambition is the way or the spirit to success that is a long awaited dream to us. It is breathing to our life. Without ambition no man will succeed in life. As I say earlier limitless ambition is very harmful to human beings. It is evil. It is like a demon. These have so many negative effects.

Then what you learn, try to make pure ambition .The ambition which is good. The ambition which is morally good and ethical in sense is lasts forever. So it is our duty to choose ambition in a pure way. Remember our desire, our thoughts and our ambitions should never hurt anyone in any way. Our ambition must be used for others goodness. It will not be destructive. 

If you give your 100% to your ambition then it never deceives you. It   automatically gives you name, fame, respect and everything.

An ambition to good to others is a spiritual type of ambition which includes so many h9oly and pious desires. We are not here only to make ourselves happy but also to make happy others. Thinking only for us   is selfish task. It shall make us selfish. We will be then surely the selfish giant. Is it the gift of life? Did we come for this? No. It’s not life’s target. Thinking a little for others would make us healthy and meaningful. It is because the truth of life ii that we will be very happy if we try to make other people happy.

Another side to have an ambition to destroy others is a very mean kind of ambition. The victim is the first sufferer but in near future that doer must have to repay his debt with a high price. The way of vice is very unhealthy and unhygienic. It destroys the user   forever. In other side the way of virtue is at first very tough but as the time passes it makes the user a devotee of this path. Remember the virtue must be rewarded. Whether in the beginning or in the last it has to be given its honour. But virtue conquers everything and it is true universally.

The main part is our ambition should be always ethical .We are men. So we must have some ethical values and manly qualities. Ambition is good. We have to make it better and the best through our well deeds. 

Desire is the starting point of everything. It fuels our virtue not to stop till the goal is achieved. It is undeniable that ambition is hunger and our works are the appetite to that hunger.

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