Animals Living on Land

The animals, living on land are called terrestrial animals. Their bodies are suited to live on land.

They breathe with the help of lungs. Some of them have sharp teeth and claws to catch their prey. Most of them have legs to move, which also help them to run fast to catch their prey or to protect themselves. Their senses are well developed. This helps them to look for food and escape from enemies.

Lion, cow, camel, deer, buffalo, tiger, etc. are terrestrial animals. Some terrestrial animals like snake and earthworm crawl. 

In the polar region, animals have to face harsh winters. Animals living in these regions have thick hair coat on the skin and fat under it keep them warm. Such animals are polar-bear, yak etc. A polar bear is adapted to live in these conditions. Animals living in cold regions have thick hair on the skin and fat under it to keep them warm which protects it from the cold. Such animals are polar-bear, penguin, yak, etc.

Penguins huddle up together to keep themselves warm.

Polar Bear

Deserts are very hot during the day, but become cold at night. Animals have to adapt to these conditions, and also have to live with very little water. Animals living in a desert have skin with less hair. Camel is an example of desert animals they have thick skin which protects it from the sun and also from the cold. Fat is stored in its hump. It lives on this fat and so can survive without food or water for days.


Some animals such as lizards, snakes and rats cannot bear cold.

During summer they eat as much as they can and get fat. Then during winter they sleep in caves or holes under the ground and live off the extra fat. This is called hibernation.

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