Blood Circulatory System

We will discuss here about the human heart and blood circulatory system.

Our body is just like a car. As a car needs fuel to run, we need food and oxygen to live. There is a system, which carries the nutrients and oxygen to all parts of our body through blood. This is called blood circulatory system.

When we suffer from fever we generally go to a clinic. The physician holds our wrist with his fingers and tries to feel something. That is the pulse of our artery. To feel that we can try it on our own. Hold the left wrist with the right hand finger in the same manner as it was done by the physician . After a few trials we can feel the rhythmic beat it is an artery of our hand which pushes the blood through it by impulsating movement.

Like arteries there are two other types of blood vessels, spread all over our body. These are veins and capillaries. Besides blood vessels we have another important organ in our chest, which pumps the blood to all parts of our body. This is the heart. 

Artery: This type of blood vessels carry blood away from the heart.

Veins: This blood vessels carry blood towards the heart.

Capillaries: These are very fine blood vessels, which carry blood to every finer part of our body.

Heart: Human heart is a brownish red muscular sac. It is present in our chest in between two lungs, slightly towards left. It contracts and expands non-stop in a regular rhythm throughout our life at an average rate of 72 beats per minute.

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