Butterfly and Moth

We will discuss about the butterfly and moth to develop an idea about the insects.When we visit a garden we notice some beautiful creatures flying around the beautiful flowers.

The beautiful creatures are known as the butterflies, the most magnificent and colorful insect on earth.

Butterflies are classified as insect because they have two pairs of wings and three pairs of jointed legs. The closest relative of butterflies is called the moths. Both these insects have very minute scales all over their body and wings. The color and the arrangement of these scales make the patterns on their wings.

Among the similarities of butterflies and moths there are some differences also, which are discussed in the table below:

Butterfly and Moth


(i) Body thinner, with bright and colorful wings.

(ii) At rest wings are held vertically upward over its back.

(iii) Antennae thinner and longer with knob at the tip.

(iv) Fly in daylight


(i) Body heavier with dull wing color.

(ii) At rest wings are spread open and flat.

(iii) Antennae smaller and feathery.

(iv) Active at night.

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