Care of Food

How should we take care of food?

We should take proper care about our food. It should not be damaged. The nutrient value of the food must be maintained.

Uncooked food: Some food items like tomato, cucumber, carrot, ripe fresh fruits, nuts, etc. are eaten raw. The eatable raw food may have dust and germs on the surface of the food. These must be properly washed with water before eating.

Cut fruits: The cut fruits may contains dust and germs of diseases, as they are exposed to dust and flies. So we should avoid eating cut fruits.

Cooked food: Most of the food materials are cooked before eating. Cooking makes the food tasty and pleasant. It also makes the food soft and easily digestible. It kills the germs present in the food.

We should take care while cooking the food. Things like eggs, tomatoes, leafy vegetables, etc. should not be overcooked. 

Overcooking destroys the vitamins contained in the food. Vegetables and fruits should be washed before cutting and boiling. Before boiling, the vegetables and cereals should not be kept in water for a long times, if we do so that might destroy their vitamins to a great extent. 

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