Care of Plants

We should take care of plants because plants help us in many ways, like:

(i) Plants provide us food and clean the air.

(ii) Plants give us wood, medicines, cotton and many other things.

(iii) Plants maintain carbon-di-oxide - oxygen balance in air.

(iv) Plants help in bringing rains and preventing floods.

(v) Plants help in maintaining moderate temperature and humidity.

Thus, we should protect the plants in order to keep on enjoying all the benefits.

How should we take care of the plants?

We should take care of the plants by the following ways:

(a) Watering: Water is necessary for germination, rapid growth and healthy life of the plants.

Watering Plants

In rainy season, when there is enough water, we see a large number of plants growing and making the land, green. We should take care to water the plants regularly at proper intervals.

(b) Protection from heat and cold: Too much heat and too much cold, both are harmful for the plants. Too much heat scorches the plants. Too much cold causes frost and the plant are damaged by it. Therefore plants should be protected from heat and cold.

Plants in a Green House

Young plants should be protected against heat by erecting grass-roof over the plant-bed. In cold season, the plants may be protected against cold by keeping them in a green house.

(c) Sunlight: The process of photosynthesis, which produces food for plants, is performed only in presence of sunlight. In absence of sunlight, the plants cannot grow properly and turn pale. Thus the should get sufficient amount of sunlight.

(d) Manure: For proper growth, plants need sufficient quantity or fertilizers or manure of the right type. We should provide them with these.

(e) Protection against insects and diseases: Some insects damage a plant, its roots, leaves, flowers and fruit. Agricultural scientists recognize the insects or pests and advise to spray the affected parts over with certain insecticides to kill them.

Sometimes plants suffer from diseases. Their flowers, vegetables and fruits are attacked by some disease. In such a situation we should consult an agricultural scientist and according to his recommendation, the plants should be sprayed with dilute solution of a suitable insecticide.
We should follow its recommendations and do the needful to protect the plants.

How to grow more plants and protect trees?

Sometimes save forests programmes is also launched to protect forests and trees. Such programmes are aimed to fulfill the needs of the growing population regarding food and shelter.

Forests are not only a great source of food and shelter for animals but we also get wood from them. Forests are helpful in bringing rains. They also prevent floods and soil erosion.

We should co-operate with the government to grow more trees and to protect the forests. We should avoid cutting down trees specially in the forests. We should also protect forests from fire.

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