Dependence is a disease. No one wants to be a dependent to anyone. Economical dependence is the worst type of dependence. Independence is the antonym of dependence. Sometime we face the lack of manpower. This is again one type of dependence. When we feel lonely we need emotional attachment. This means another kind of dependence .It is called emotional dependence.

Independence means freedom. But dependence means bondage or slavery. Economical dependence compels man to be a slave of others .They have no choice to chose anything .They have no right to do anything. Being economically dependent  they forget to  live a lively life .We often  saw  in the villages of India  of India or outside that women are living with their husband only for  some basic needs. There is no love. There is no respect. But still they live with them as they are not economically independent. Dependence is a curse whereas independence is bliss to human-being.

When we came to this world we came as a dependent creature. We were dependent to our parents (father and mother). Later in patriarchal society a woman becomes dependent to his husband and after to that to her children. Later she becomes dependent to her age .We all human beings are dependent to our fate .We are dependent to our time .Yet it is our restless effort that tries to win the fate.

Dependence means the state of relying on others. Being controlled by something or someone else is also a kind of dependence. The synonym of dependence is reliance .The other synonyms are confidence and trust. To depend on own self is also a kind of dependence. But this dependence is good.

Dependence denotes a state of being conditional or contingent on something. The dependence and independence are both natural as well as logical. Psychological dependence is another kind of dependence. The addicted persons are always dependent to their addictions. A dependent being is called a sub-ordinate or subaltern species.

Self-dependence is the best from all kind of dependences. A dependent person has to bear a lot of injustices where an independent being can say and stay straight -cut without any hesitation or any fear.

Dependences are of many kinds .Corruption is one type of dependence. Many countries are dependent on Clinton for Iranian oil. According to a research about four million people are dependent on drug. Many European countries are dependent to Russia for their natural gas. Dependence is a chain. No one is free from this universal chain. This holds our hands tightly. Though this chain is invisible its impact is too much.

Sometime our dependence towards society is too much. Now the world has changed. In this mechanical era we are much dependent to technology. If we think with free mind we can realise that in every footstep we are dependent to someone or something. Independence is a metaphor or a myth. But one thing is more important that in this post -modern era   we should make ourselves as self-dependent. As it will increase our self –esteem we   must do it. Through which we can prove ourselves as a successful and complete human beings .No man is perfect from birth. Time will do everything. We should always dependent to God. We will also make us dependent towards truth, purity, honesty. In this way gradually we will be able to make a bonding with Almighty. This bonding is ever lasting.

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