Different Crops

Different corps are grown in different types of soils. One type of soil is suitable for one crop while another type for the other. Paddy, wheat, sugarcane, cotton, etc. are grown in different kinds of soil.

Actually different crops need different kinds of soils and nourishing ingredients. We see plants like water-melon bearing fruits in the river-side sands. In sandy soil, we grow groundnut, sweet potato, potato, musk-melon, water melon, etc. The clayey soil is suitable for paddy, jute, flex and crops sown in the monsoon.

Most of the plants are grown in loamy soil. For example, wheat, gram, sugarcane are different kinds of vegetables and fruits etc. Thus different crops are grown in different kinds of soils to get the best yield.

Proper climate conditions are also necessary along with suitable soil for a certain crop. Paddy is sown in rainy season. When its plants grow, they are transplanted in another field. The paddy crop readies in winter for harvesting. Maize, millet, arhar, groundnut, brinjal, chilli, carrot, radish, etc. are sown in the rainy season. Their harvest time is early winter.

Spring crops like gram, wheat, pea, etc. are sown in autumn. Their harvest time is spring.

A few crops are sown and grown in summer. Water-melon, musk-melon, etc. are the plants of summer but, there are some vegetables like bottle-gourd, ladyfinger, etc. are grown in summer by providing facilities to them.

Thus we come to the conclusion that having proper amount of water, different crops are sown and grown in different seasons and soils. Thus crops and plants need three requisites – sufficient amount of water, suitable climate and proper soil.

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