Drinking Age

By drinking here we indicate about drinking Alcohol. 

Drinking alcohol at any age is harmful to our human body organs. So, anything which does badly to our body systems is utterly bad at any age. The question of age bar in such case does not arise. It is considered as an evil habit of Human psychology.  Albeit, in India some states have certain legal age for permissible drinking they are mentioned as under:  

In Kerala it is minimum 23 years, in Lakshadweep it is absolutely illegal, in Madhya Pradesh it is 21 years and in Maharashtra it is 21 years for wine and 21 for beer and 25 years for others.

Generally, the adolescent period of the youth turns them towards such ill habits after they view their icons in the films. In some communities it is a common factor and habitat in custom. Others consider them as a harmful and evil act which needs to be rectified immediately.  In India drinking alcohol is looked down upon in most of the families and never publicly and openly encouraged.

This period of tender age of the youth does not have the proper reasoning maturity of thinking and keeps them away from the sense of right decision undertaking. They fall as easy prey to the celebrities being portrayed in the films or magazine or some wrongful habitual friends who under take drinking as a symbol of manliness, fantasy and pride of maturity in portraying it to the other society members.

It has been discovered that particularly susceptible age group to the detrimental effects of alcohol is the Adolescents and young adults. It  has also been found that  that these young people has the tendency of combining high risk drinking with some other high-risk activities which results in  accidental injuries for themselves and other, too. Moreover, this age group also reduces the opportunity of the development of the brain which takes place at this age due to the adverse effect of Alcohol.

Looking into its enormous ill effects on the youth who form the most of the population in India, the educated society demands and the government of India seriously desire to enact in bringing into law of increasing the age group permissible for drinking particularly the alcohol. Alcohol advertising is banned in India. So, the alcohol manufacturing companies finds other ways of propagating their brands by organizing massive celebrities’ functions and funding to other organizers of similar activities.  

In India, of late there has been a sudden rise in the road accidents all over due the drunken youth driving recklessly. The sudden rise of the night parties and rave parties throughout had taken numerous innocent lives. The cause being the harmful drunk drivers who lost control of their driving wheels – mostly the youth who look towards drinking a source of different fantasy.

Realizing  and acting on this  deadly menace, the Chief Minister of West Bengal state of India had undertaken a massive mission of road safety in joint collaboration with the Kolkata Police named “SAFE DRIVE SAVE LIFE” . It had gained mammoth popularity and was hugely successful in combating numerous unnecessary accidents and thereby saving plenty of innocent lives.

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