Long after you have passed out from school , college , professional schools, long after you have forgotten   the dates in history , the measurements on topographical sheets, the calculations , what stands you in good stead and make you worthy of life itself, is education. To quote John Dewey “Education is not preparation for life, it is life itself”. This clearly proves that education is not the means to achieve an end, it is the end itself.

The debate on grades versus intelligence, on knowledge versus its application, on intelligence quotient versus emotional quotient is a long standing one but the fact remains that for an individual to be truly educated would mean values more than facts, principles more than information gathering. More than only academic abilities, it is important to glean inter-connected abilities which makes a person inclined to and able to contribute positively to the society.

Education is never only about intellect. It is a synthesis of mind, heart, body and soul. It provides us with the moral compass, an inner consciousness which acts as a guiding star In the course of life.

One of the most pressing problems in education sector is to make scope for equal opportunities to gather education regardless of class, gender, race, and community. Education is never about how much one knows but more about the realisation that how much is left to know. Ability to critically evaluate sequences and internalise the learnings is a key footnote of education.It should inspire and ignite the passion to acquire more knowledge and use it to the benefit of oneself and greater human cause.

In spite of the best concerted efforts of the Indian government to provide a conducive environment to children below 14 years the right to primary education, the truth remains that large section of population are still largely outside this gambit. These children are too poor to spend their time in gaining something which has the potential to draw them out of this vicious cycle. Their lives are doomed in the darkness and caught in the despair of child labor and it is a herculean task to lead them from that darkness towards light.

The RTE, proposed by the government has assured better quality education , free of cost to the lowest income bracket in the society but its implementation is erratic and sporadic with a long way to go , before the impoverished sector can seamless incorporate themselves in the mainstream education stream.

The deplorable condition of government schools, the lack of technological skill based education, the erroneous emphasis on English as the benchmark of standard education, the lack of upgradation of teachers, the low emphasis on health education and lack of access to smart classes are allbottlenecks which the Indian education sector is badly crippled with, at present .

It would take a joint concerted effort of individuals, private sector, public sector and volunteers in large numbers to make a significant dent in the education sector in India and infuse positivity to it.

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