We will discuss about the force required to push or pull different things.

When we push a cart it moves. It also moves if we pull it towards ourself.

What other things can we push or pull to make them move?

When there is a door, which is open and we want to close it we pull it and it is closed. If there is a closed door without lock and we want to open it, we push it and it is opened.

When we pull a roller then it moves. If we push the roller then it moves again of course in the other direction.

When we pull or push a solid object, it moves because we apply force by pulling or pushing.

When we push a wall, it does not move.

When we push a big rock, it does not move.

When we pull a car, it does not move even.

When force is applied to a body it may not even move

To move something we either push or pull it. A push or pull is called a force. Force is that which changes or tries to change the state of rest or uniform motion of a body.

When a football is kicked, it moves. A moving ball is stopped, using force by hand or leg. We use force in pulling out a bucket of water from the well, in pushing a trolley, in lifting a load, in pedalling a bicycle, in hammering a nail etc.,

What else can a force do, besides moving an object?

It can stop a moving object

It can change the direction of a moving object

It can also change the shape of an object

Fourth Grade

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