God Helps Those Who Helps Themselves

This proverb emphasizes on the importance of self-help and self-initiative. For every lazy and laid back person out there, who would rather leave it all on his destiny, this is the motto which is used to inspire and instil the need to take self-action before expecting miracles to happen.

Coined in these words by the English political theorist Algernon Sidney, it later transferred to popular usage by Benjamin Franklin who used it in his Poor Richard’s Almanac. This lays strict emphasis on the fact that even God helps those people who endeavour to accomplish their goals by dint of their own dedication, determination and discipline.

For the million others who shun hard work and are contented to spend all their waking hours either idling away or in wasteful endeavours, God shall never come to the rescue to uplift those people. One needs to apply oneself and in the right direction for God to hold his hands and see him through till the need of the journey but the first step and each other step after that needs to be taken up by the individual himself.

One will always come across such people in life who offer the ruse of spirituality, divinity and religion to coast along in their journey of life. Their premise being that since they spend a substantial part of the day in chanting the name of the Lords, they do not need to exercise their will and effort to accomplish anything else. They sue the Almighty as an excuse to escape from the responsibilities and hard work that life entails. However, the truth remains that God will invariably help only those people who work with full commitment without unnecessarily worrying about the consequences of their actions. God blesses only those people who treat their work as akin to worship.

One has to understand that using the name of God cannot be a shortcut to success. God presents himself before us in the guise of opportunity and chance and it is upto us individuals to take them up and make the best use of them. God is not going to uplift us from the starting line, obliterate all obstacles on our way and place us directly on the finishing line. No, God is the wind beneath our wings, the propeller of our foot, the inspiration behind our ideas, the strength of our will-power, all this and much more. He helps us in myriad ways by making us strong, determined, keeping us inspired and charged even when all the odds go against us and the ground beneath our feet shakes. He certainly helps us, guides us, motivates us but no, he does not do our work for us. That is something we need to apply, exert and tap in ourselves.

God is a faith, a self-belief, a cause for hope and optimism in the blackest of times but using his name and existence as an excuse to shrug off hard work and leading a life of false hope is doomed to failure. Only efforts done in the right direction with faith in God can help us achieve the desired result with God’s blessings.

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