Growing Unrest Among Students

The concept of growing unrest among students has become an issue of serious concern in recent times. A major portion of the students both domestic and international have access to the internet these days. As a result, they have become more open to the world and are experiencing many incidents that they are not aware of. Hence they are becoming confused regarding which way to act. This is creating an irritation in their minds which result in frustration and unrest. 

Some of the causes of unrest that deserve mention are described below:

I. Entertainment: 

The entertainment world has come closer to the entire population of the world, particularly to the students. These students love to watch films, sports and other entertainment programmes. If we observe minutely these events reflect the hard work to make money along with the art of spending and living lives in luxury and merry making. But the students in most of the cases fail to understand or notice the hard work. They think that money can be easily earned by merely striking a romantic pose or by passing a ball. In real time when they are trying to do that, they are getting the harsh realities of life. This is making the students restless by losing their confidence. It indeed creates huge unrest among the students.

II. Political turmoil:

The political leaders tap the students as they are considered to be the fresh blood in executing anti-social activities. This is because they can be easily convinced and can be be-fooled with the promise of a job or position in respective parties. In most of the news channels and newspapers, it has been shown that political leaders earn huge money and come in the lime light simply by shaking hands with the common people. They enjoy posh life and even get huge support from the government in their daily activities. This creates an excitement among the student section who without knowing the PROS and CONS plunge into politics. Most of them end up either landing in jail or getting serious assaults physically. This is another major cause of unrest among the students.

III. Economic Insecurity:

The aspect of financial instability creates huge confusion and unrest among the students. The main reason is that they become insecure and uncertain about how and what to do to earn a living. The unrest cause due to this factor can also lead to suicide or rising trend in theft and burglary.

IV. Personal Indifference:

It has been seen that in most families the guardians or the parents are not seriously concerned about the activities of their ward or children. In such cases they initially think themselves as smart individuals but later on regret in doing unproductive or nuisance activities. It result, in loss of valuable and positive energy but creates intense unrest among those students who revolt or protest wrongly even against their well-wishers.

The four reasons mentioned above need to be addressed properly and timely to prevent growing unrest among the student section. The impact of the unrest among the students is taking a toll on the economic and social progress along with reflecting a negative vibe among them.

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